I became a magical girl !

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Last month I served as a model for my old school Aso College Group students. Students had seen in a competition from the United States to train foreign to style hair. When I was contacted by a person working at my school, I immediately accepted. We were 3 foreign girls (4 the following week) expecting to have our hair done. In fact we were treated to makeup, a dress session and we have to carry a huge and heavy wig. All that in only 3 hours !

We all were send to different teams and each style was really different. I was luck enough to be sent to the team who did the style that I prefered : something between Pretty Cure and KyaryPamyu Pamyu with pink, white, glitters and hearts. I became a real magical girl... for few hours!

My team consisted of 3 people and is well distributed work. Students who did my makeup was really talented, skilled, fast and accurate. I found the result very nice despite the very dark foundation she put on my face . This was also my first experience with false eyelashes. I had a little trouble getting used to ( and I am sure to never wear that again) but they were pretty, with strass and colors.

On the hairstyle side, the two students had a little more trouble, especially on the first day because the wig kept to leaned. They have improved the following week, capping me a bonnet which helped secure the whole thing.

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