Muromi-gawa's lanterns festival

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All Japan lovers know the Nagasaki, Tokyo or Kumamoto Lanterns Festival. But did you know that Fukuoka has two (smaller) festivals too ? There is Hakata Tomyo Watching and the Muromi-gawa Tomyo Matsuri . I went to the second one on Saturday night after two unsuccessful attempts in 2012 (canceled due to rain) and 2013 (I already had plans for the evening).
Festival des lanternes de Muromi-gawa

Two years in Japan

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2 years ago, day per day, I was just landing at Fukuoka's airport. Two years... Time flies and I feel like it was yesterday. I can see myself again, on September 19th in 2012, carrying my only suitcase in Fukuoka's streets, looking at the beautiful sunset while being surprised not to see so many people in the subway whereas it was peak-time. Lots of things have happened, and I have changed a lot. Let's take a look back together !

- First picture of Fukuoka / September 20th, 2012 -

Atago shrine

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Atago shrine

It's been raining for almost two month in Fukuoka. Thanks to El Nino, the summer in Japan was less harsh than usual in many areas but in return, the weather is awful (at least in the south). In Fukuoka, summer is simply never happened! So I welcomed the nice weather announced by the weather and I took my half-day off to go to the west part of ​​the city and specifically the Atago Shrine ( Atago Jinja /愛宕神社) .