Okinawa Kimono Walk (in Miyakojima)

Okinawa Kimono Walk

I just came back from an enchanted break in Miyakojima, Okinawa. Six days and five nights on "my" islathe place I love the mo in the world after Fukuoka, my second home.
I, once again, forgot to update the blog. Sorry. But iI can't help it.  I didn't want to open my computer when I was there. It's time to catch up, starting with a extra number from a series you know well now.

Yanagawa Canal Boat Tour (Kawa Kudari)

Yanagawa Canal Boat Tour (Kawa Kudari)

Last month, my fellow blogger friend Joranne came to Fukuoka for a weekend.
She wanted to try yatai and kimono.
Rather than staying in Fukuoka city, I sent her the link of Yanagawa's Sagemon festival which ended soon after her coming and she loved the idea so we went there.

Hanami in Fukuoka - Fukuoka Castle Sakura Festival & sakura spots -

I uplaoded a new video on my YouTube channel ! This time I went to Fukuoka Castle Sakura Festival and walked around Fukuoka city sakura spots. English subs are available so I would be happy if you watch, share and comment it.

My daily life in Fukuoka #16

Kyushu Article Contest prize ceremony
Kyushu Article Contest prize ceremony

The end of the fiscal year was really intensive ! We got a lot to do at work, my friend Joranne went to Fukuoka and I was busy going to hanami. Nopw it's time to be back updating this blog. Head full of pink and flowers, it was difficult to write but I managed to do a little summary of my March in Fukuoka.

FukuoSnaps #0 - Momochihama

Popular character Sazae-san & Fukuoka Tower
Popular character Sazae-san & Fukuoka Tower/td>

If you walk around Fukuoka, there are great chances that you come across me and my camera.
Indeed, I walk around 10km very weekend in the city and I have a lot to share. As I strongly want to introduce Fukuoka more and more to the people all over the world, I decided to create the "FukuoSnap" project.